Those Folks

I recently heard a local reporter say: “Schul’s campaign message has been about giving teachers more power. That apparently resonated with those folks.”

Those folks? Those folks are the heartbeat of the true mission of a school. Those folks know students better than anyone else in schools and they work their butts off to help them succeed. Isn’t the central goal of a school board to assure student success? Those folks are, as John Dewey called them, “intellectual leaders of a social group.” Without those folks, school is nothing more than a highly sophisticated babysitting service – regardless of the building the students sit in!

Sadly, teachers are accustomed to this slight. They commonly hear lip service that announces they are important but is merely backed up with a refrigerator magnet that says so. Where is the emphasis on the importance of teachers in improving schools, including WAPS?

I will continue to bang the drum loudly and clearly for our community’s true treasures. I am proud to be a champion for those folks!

Schul4School = Schul4Teachers.

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