Here’s a description of my most recent book: Historical and Contemporary Foundations of Social Studies Education

This book explores the rich history and depth of the educational field of social studies in the United States and examines its capacity to moderate modern-day anti-democratic forces through a commitment to civic education.

Drawing out key significant historical moments within the development of social studies education, it provides a compelling historical narrative of the ideas that shaped the unique curricular field of social studies education. This book resynthesizes each historical stage to show how it resonates with contemporary life and effectively helps readers bridge the gap between theory and practice. Focusing on the key ideas of the field and the primary individuals who championed those ideas, the author provides a clear, concise, and sharply pointed encounter with social studies education that illuminates the connection from research to practice.

Researchers of social studies education will find this book to be a worthy contribution to the ever-important struggle to better understand the type of civic education necessary for the perpetuation of democratic life in the United States. It will also appeal to educational researchers and teacher educators with interests in the history of education, teacher education, civic education, moral education, and democracy.

Reviews for the book:

“Outstanding! An insightful, concise, original and ultimately very practical guide. I am reminded of the oft cited quote from Larry Metcalf that, “the most practical preparation for teaching is a solid grounding in theory.” Schul’s book re-frames the most important major initiatives in the field of social studies, makes brilliant use of classroom vignettes, and helps bridge the gap between theory and practice.” — Ronald W. Evans, San Diego State University, USA

“Schul brings us a concise history of social studies education that speaks directly to the issues faced by today’s teachers. Organized by key historical moments, ideas, and persons, the book offers a much-needed and focused synthesis.” — Walter C. Parker is professor emeritus of social studies education, University of Washington-Seattle

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Here’s the description of the book: Paradoxes of the Public School:

Is the American public school doing what we want it to do?  Or, is what we want it to do in conflict with what society allows it to do?  This book takes on issues central to understanding the complexities of the American public school experience.  Readers are simultaneously taken into the historical and contemporary context of these issues through an honest and provocative approach that engages them into the real world of school.  Chapters revolve around key issues such as religion, democracy, teachers, race, reform, pedagogy, efficiency, freedom, segregation, social class, exceptionality, gender, technology, and accountability.

Paradoxes of the Public School promises to foster a thoughtful dialogue on the complexity of school and how best to improve it for the future.  Teacher educators may find it useful to help develop teacher candidates’ understanding of the nature of school.  However, anyone interested in the nature of school will find this book insightful, clear, and easy to follow.  All readers will find this book to be cutting edge as it creatively fills a dire need for a compelling tale of school that is both informative and thought provoking.

*Selected by Choice Reviews as an Outstanding Academic Title for 2020

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