I want to purge gossip far from my heart, mind, and lips.  It leads to nothing productive.  In fact, I often feel dirty when I’m around it.

I know that gossip happens.  I’ve noticed it hurts individuals and the organizations where they work or serve.  Paranoia, worry, dehumanization, and anger all rise with gossip.

One day, years ago, I had an epiphany as I was vacuuming my house one evening.  It was simple yet, to me, a profound one: I am so glad that I’m busy vacuuming my house as opposed to being engaged in or aware of gossip others choose to engage in.

Vacuuming, to me, is a metaphor about being busy with the work right in front of you – as opposed to being a busybody focused on either hallucinations or the belittlement of others.

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