I think anger is addictive.  Like a drug, addiction to anger is hard to shake.

Anger digs into the heart and makes us do things we are often – or should be – ashamed of.

Anger causes us to create enemies in our hearts and minds.  It leads us to do and say things that start arguments or compel us to seek to destroy others.

Anger, if righteous, can be a useful good.  But, it should be used sparingly – and always for the benefit of helping others.

I think that there’s too much anger in this world.  It is crucial that we keep it on the sidelines – far away from our hearts and minds.

We should replace anger with civility.  Civility comes out of love.  Civility comes out of a reverence for humanity and a respect for treating others well.

Civility requires that we not always fire back when criticized.  Civility requires us to pause before we speak – especially after being berated. 

Civility is admirable. 

Let’s make civility addictive.  But, civility is not always easy.  It requires restraint.

I must start with myself -and what I allow in my mind and heart. 

Civility or anger?

Let love of others win in me.  If love wins in me – civility is the natural consequence.

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