Why am I on the school board?  Why am I running for the school board again?

I am not angry.  I am not looking for something to do.  I do not have personal gains in mind.

Why then should I run?

Here’s why:

I am an advocate for public education.  My whole professional life has been devoted to it.

I know a thing or two about public education.  I study public education and prepare teacher candidates for a living – it only makes sense to me that I serve to help support public education here in my community.

I have a desire to help my neighbors.  I think improving public education is a great way to help my neighbors.

I want to serve my country.  Public education is intrinsically linked to American democracy.  If I help improve public education – I am helping to improve our democratic way of life.

I care for marginalized populations. I want to advocate for and support those who are often forgotten or ignored in our society due to their minority status as it relates to race, sex, gender, ableness, sexual orientation, or social class.

I enjoy serving you. I believe that I’m making a positive difference on the board already – it is incredibly satisfying for me that I can part of the solution. 

I want to see through changes we’re making. Our district needs stability – I have a sense of responsibility to provide that. There are times when change is needed – now is not the time.

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