The Good New Days

Do you know anyone who longs for the good old days?  Maybe that’s you.  Remembrance of things past can be fun and relaxing.  I do it.  But, I want to tell you that nostalgia is almost never a good thing.  Nostalgia paints the past in an idealistic light – shunning its difficulties and problems.  Here’s a newsflash: the past wasn’t better than the present.  While it can be fun and, I’ll argue very important, to visit the past, we shouldn’t live there.

I’m a history teacher.  Students have asked me what time in history I like the best.  I usually give them an answer, but I will preface that answer by stating that I like living in the present the best.  The reason?  Because I am in the middle of it!  I have some say on its direction.  I’m an actor on its stage!

Life is difficult.  It always has been.  The optimist is someone who accepts that fact, and yet decides to move ahead and engage in problem solving.  In sum, the optimist is a responsible person.  The pessimist is irresponsible.

I believe that WAPS’ best days lay ahead.  I can see it.  Can you?  We live in times that should concern us.  I believe that, if we’re all willing, we can rise to the occasion by embracing our public school district.  There is no reason why WAPS cannot be the shining school district for all the country to admire and emulate.  I believe that there will be a time that someone in the future will look upon the next few years as “the good old days.”  I will tell them that they are engaging in some stinkin’ thinkin’ – but I will also tell them that we did some really good things when given the chance.  For us, those good things lay just ahead!

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